#GoodFoodSeries – Bell Pepper

“Bell Pepper,” watercolor.

The bell pepper originated in the Americas (specifically in what is currently known as Mexico, Central America, and South America). Colonialist and terrorist to Indigenous people Christopher Columbus–along with his counterparts–named them ‘bell peppers’ while searching for peppercorn plants to produce black pepper (strong side eye)[1].

Bell Pepper (Green) Nutrition Label. Created by Keanna.

The bell pepper appears in 4 colors: green, yellow, orange, and red. Apparently the yellow, orange, and red varieties are merely ripe versions of the green one. Hereby certifying the green one as the OBP (original bell pepper).  You down with OBP? Yeah, you know me! -wink-

Peep the numbers in the Nutrition Facts Label to the left! That’s for our OBP, which is jam packed with Vitamin C and K. Vitamin K supports good blood and bones and when coupled with all of that Vitamin C (immune system support) your insides will rejoice. And oddly enough, even with the OBP serving up those good vitamins, the red pepper is the one that has double the amount of Vitamin C.


“Shrimp and Lobster Pasta,” BSM.

Today’s recipe is from Chef Tobias Dorzon of Washington, D.C., a former NFL and CFL player turned chef who is the Executive Chef of Victory Restaurant and Lounge (one in Miami and one coming very soon in Maryland). Grab an OBP (and a red bell pepper too) to prepare a Shrimp and Lobster Pasta. Check out the recipe here.

[1] “Bell Pepper Fact Sheet,” Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

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