My wonderful mother named me Keanna, and I am an Artis by blood/surname thanks to my father. I come from a long line of creative people; at this point I’m carrying on the legacy of my family name with my own cultivated talent in the arts. I enjoy exploring different mediums; I cannot restrict myself to just one.

For me, there is no greater thrill than creating. It excites me to see ideas* from my fanciful brain become tangible things, so much so that I have been compelled to do just that my entire life.

I started off drawing figures at 5, moved on to nail design and lanyard-making by 8, became obsessed with graphic/web design by 12, started sewing everything from pillows to tote bags by 14, and lastly created jewelry and acrylic paintings by 21. All of my creative endeavors have served me quite well so far, and one should expect some interesting things on canvas because of my diverse creative background during my adolescence.

I remember being young and amazed with the work of a childhood friend’s mom, an artist who had a studio in her garage that was also decorated with a mural she painted: a gorgeous landscape of Puerto Rico. I will never forget the sensation I got when I witnessed that for the first time. It left me curious and eager to pursue my own artistic endeavors. And over a decade later, here I am: still curious and passionately pursuing art. I welcome you into the world as I see it. And I am so happy that I can share that with you.

Contact me at keannaartist@gmail.com. Find me on Twitter & Instagram: @keannaartist

*ideas: derived from my interests (magical-realism, learning things about the human psyche, vibrant colors, music) + imagination.


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