Wedding Commission 2022

This year I completed a rather extensive commission for a wedding. The couple wanted to acknowledge all the places they’ve traveled together via paintings that would serve as centerpieces on tables for the reception.

Sixteen 4″x6″ mementos were created. Canvas was cut into circles and a landmark or symbol representing each location was painted and mounted onto canvas panels that were painted in gradients to match the color theme of the wedding. Calligraphy for the locations were hand painted and loosely based on a font selected by the bride.

Mementos on lavender gradient. Eight 4″x6″ acrylic on canvas panels.
Mementos on burgundy gradient. Eight 4″x6″ acrylic on canvas panels.


“Good Food,” 17′ x 12′ watercolor and acrylic.

The #GoodFoodSeries finished last month in conjunction with National Culinary Arts Month! Here’s the finalized painting. 🙂 All write-ups on the majority of the food items can be read here. Life happened and the bottom row of food items didn’t get individual blog posts sharing their health benefits along with a recipe from a Black chef, but I encourage you to take the initiative and find out more about these (along with other foods) for yourself!

Hoping you learned some things along the way. I know I did in the process of working on this.

With love,


#GoodFoodSeries – Strawberry

“Strawberry,” watercolor and acrylic.

Ahh, the strawberry. Did you know that it’s a member of the Rose family? It’s as sweet as it smells and a versatile “fruit” (technically not a fruit but instead an enlarged receptacle of the flower from which it grows [1]) that is native to North America and used in many dishes.

There are 3 main varieties of strawberries: June-bearing, everbearing, and day neutral. These classifications give farmers and gardeners alike insight on when to expect the fruit to flourish. Rumor has it June-bearing strawberries have the best flavor.

Strawberry Nutrition Label. Created by Keanna.

The strawberry is loaded with Vitamin C & K and can support bone and cardiovascular health, regulate blood pressure, and reduce inflammation [2]. All the more reasons to enjoy it.

Strawberry Lemonade Cake

“Strawberry Lemonade Cake,” J. D. Adams.

And if you’re interested in indulging in the strawberry as a dessert, check out the recipe for a Strawberry Lemonade Cake from award-winning Baker Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes. It sounds absolutely delicious and I am going to test this one out.






[1] “Strawberry: A Brief History” Integrated Pest Management: University of Missouri

[2] “Promising Health Benefits of the Strawberry: A Focus on Clinical Studies” Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

#GoodFoodSeries – Arugula

“Arugula,” watercolor and acrylic.

Happy National Culinary Arts Month! As someone who appreciates good food and the way it’s artfully prepared, I would like to present to you the #GoodFoodSeries. Every day this month will feature a painting I’ve done of a food item, its nutritional benefits, and a way to prepare it artfully. When possible, Black chefs and their restaurants will be highlighted as it relates to the food item of the day.

Arugula Nutrition Fact Label. Created by Keanna.

First up: Arugula! It is a peppery flavored leafy green (one of my favorites). Because arugula is loaded with antioxidants that ward off contaminants which could affect your libido and reproductive health, it is  historically considered an aphrodisiac. Arugula originates from the Mediterranean and is now commonly found on plates and in gardens and farms across the globe.

Haitian chef Sylva Senat is the executive chef of the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia, PA. Check out a recipe for a salad, Arugula, Spinach & Frisée, that includes baby arugula (and edible orchids!) here.

Faces Exhibition

The opening reception for Faces was loads of fun! The gallery spaces were open and the artists were crossing their fingers that the evening rains would not stop viewers and potential customers from coming out for Raleigh’s First Friday. Lucky the rain tapered off after an hour or so and gallery spaces were then inundated with art admirers.

There was a rather eventful occurrence that sent all of 311 Gallery in a frenzy for a few minutes, but I’d rather not discuss it here because they do not need any more free promotion. 🙂 It was a popular topic of conversation for the evening however, and it led to other discussions about personal perceptions of the world.

For this exhibition, I am showing with Margaret Griffin, an interesting lady who has taken a strong liking to Raku sculpting. She explained the whole process to me and I was very intrigued! It’s a lengthy process, but the outcome is simply beautiful.

"Can't Elope (1)," acrylic on canvas.

“Can’t Elope (1),” acrylic on canvas.

"Can't Elope (2)," acrylic on canvas.

“Can’t Elope (2),” acrylic on canvas.

My own pieces created for this show emphasize texture and the surface of natural things. The pairing entitled “Can’t Elope” is 3D-textured. I was freaking out during the creation of those pieces because I was determined to have it resemble the skin of cantaloupe, and it concerned me that it might not come out right (but that’s what the whole creative process is for… right?). So, after finding some white texture medium, I mixed it with acrylic and placed the mixture in a bag. Then I added it in a pattern to the canvas with the same technique as cake piping. The photos to the left are the outcome! Can’t Elope. Haha. I also played a ‘guess what fruit’ game with a lovely couple for this pairing; took them some time and a few hints to figure out what fruit inspired these. I think forcing them to not read the title and putting them on the spot caused them to draw a blank. It would have for myself!

"Flyberry," acrylic on canvas.

“Flyberry,” acrylic on canvas.

“Flyberry” was another painting I was concerned about turning out well. This idea was an expansion of a old sketch. I felt that it fit well with show because there was an actual face for this piece and texture from the strawberry aspect. The biggest challenge for this one was making sure minimal yet detailed in the right places. I like to think it turned out well. This one was a crowd favorite.

The other pieces from this show are available for your viewing pleasures on the ‘Art‘ page. 10 pieces were created for Faces. Contact me if you have any interest in a piece. Some have already sold, so bear that in mind. Below are some photos I actually remembered to take of people viewing my work. Enjoy!