Through Women’s Eyes, By Women’s Hands


I am participating in this year’s Through Women’s Eyes, By Women’s Hands art fundraiser with the Compass Center for Women & Families. The Compass Center helps women and families prevent and end domestic violence and become self-sufficient by providing assistance with resources, giving them educational opportunities, and hosting various programs.

This is an annual fundraiser that further supports their continuous efforts; this year’s reception will take place on March 4th, 2016. Tickets for the event can be purchased here. Info on the schedule of events is listed here.

After finding out about this organization and their mission, I was strongly compelled to support the Compass Center through art for their fundraiser. Being a member of an all women’s cooperative art gallery reinforced this notion. How could I overlook an opportunity to advocate supporting women in these circumstances? In fact, some women in my own family have experienced domestic violence. Hearing of their stories and the learning from the perspectives of their children was eye-opening. I have found that there are misconceptions surrounding this topic and oftentimes people give suggestions without ever having endured anything of the sort. It is an issue that has to be handled appropriately to ensure the safety of the victims. With that said, organizations like the Compass Center will always be an ideal reference point when having discussions on this topic.

Because the artwork is to remain anonymous for the exhibition, I will hold off on displaying the pieces I created for this until a later date. However, I will say that my pieces are reflective of surviving, overcoming, and essentially seeing the light through darkness. In a perfect world there would be no victims because there would be no domestic violence, but until then places like the Compass Center are necessary and the work they do will hopefully eradicate it at some point. And I will happily contribute and support the best way I can.

UPDATE: Below are a few photos from the event as well as photos of the artwork I contributed for the fundraiser. I chose to paint lotus flowers because they are birthed from mud.

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