Archiving for Artists Workshop

 A few weeks ago I attended a workshop focused on archiving for artists. The workshop was super cool; the hosts provided so much information on the many ways to archive artwork. I felt that taking the workshop now versus years down the road would be better because years from now I’ll have a ton more artwork that I need to figure out how to properly store/archive.

The physical storage of artwork (containers vary in their ability to protect artwork from dust, moisture, critters, etc.); effective digitization of my archive; and having an established archiving system that works for me are some of the topics I found most valuable for my practice. I would definitely recommend this workshop to other artists! Speaking of which…

ATTN NC ARTISTS: Next year the Artist Studio Archives will be hosting a second Archiving for Artists Workshop at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC. Please check their website for more information. They have limited spots, so apply as soon as you can and good luck!

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