Real long time with no blog! Sorry about that, guess I’ll make up for it with this one:

So it’s my second year with Local Color Gallery, second group show. This past one was more of a “duet” if you will, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the First Friday reception! Thanks to family and friends for their support (it kept me calm & collected that night). I was flattered that a few strangers were familiar with my past work and had a chance to speak with them for a while. ūüôā

Coalescence is about a blending of ideas.¬†The work for this show¬†combined nature/figures with geometric shapes. I was inspired to incorporate shapes from this personality test I took while reading a book titled “Why Him? Why Her?” Sappy, I know, but I’m a sucker for romance and couldn’t help but wonder why people choose the lovers that they do (including myself). So anyways, in the book, the author (Helen Fisher)¬†discusses four personality¬†types and their¬†impact on ourselves and who we choose as¬†a mate. My dominant type¬†was ‘Director,’ (although I was neck-and-neck with ‘Negotiator’) and characteristics of that are being adept to understanding the structure of music and having an inkling for geometric shapes. Reading those made me giggle, so I went back through one of my sketch books and stopped when I got to one with a geometric-style background and a figure for a subject. At that moment I knew that I wanted to explore that combination with more artwork. So¬†from there,¬†all of the works for this show were created. Because I was inspired by a book. I do plan to maintain this feature in future works, but who knows what I’ll come across that could sway the outcome of future paintings.

You’ll be able to find art from Coalescence in the ‘ART’ section of my site momentarily. Maybe I’ll even be super generous and make wallpaper goodies from the crowd favorites. Only time will tell…

P.S.¬†if there are any photos of me from the show floating around on the internet somewhere I’ll add them here! I forgot to take photos myself. ūüėõ