Artist Statement

This is a collection of paintings that I have created. Each one of these creations has helped me refine my skills as a visual artist and become a better at bringing my ideas to life. As someone who has a very difficult time putting my thoughts and emotions into words, visual art is my favorite method of communication for that. It allows me to translate what I think and feel onto paper or canvas in the form of a visual… sort of like projecting the images from my mind to something tangible. I am inspired by many things such as my dreams, the beauty of nature, and life itself, and I use that inspiration combined with my wild, vivid imagination in all of my works.

I make my art by going with what I feel, taking my time, using color, and being as detailed as I can on my subject(s). I use a variety of mediums, but as of now acrylic is my favorite. I also enjoy mixing mediums together like watercolor and acrylic. The entire process of how I make my art is intricate yet intuitive. Its significance in my life is that it is my life. It brings me complete joy; it helps me release my pain. I remember being young and amazed with the work of a childhood friend’s mom, an artist who had a studio in her garage that was also decorated with a mural she painted: a gorgeous landscape of Puerto Rico. I will never forget the sensation I got when I witnessed that for the first time. It left me curious and eager to pursue my own artistic endeavors. And over a decade later, here I am: still curious and passionately pursuing art.

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